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     SME Mauritius


Incorporated in 2017, SME Mauritius is a private company wholly owned by the Government of Mauritius. Small Medium Enterprises( SME Mauritius) plays a major role in the development and employment creation in Mauritius. Without doubt, it impacts positively to help Mauritius grow especially during the recent economic downturn. SME Mauritius enables SMEs to come forward and to expand by providing support programs in order to enhance their competitiveness and resilience. Thus, promoting creation as well as expansion of the SMEs  through fundings and other types of support.

SMEs main objectives are to encourage and develop entrepreneurship, and to provide micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) the support and assistance they need. It also aims to help SMEs to expand their businesses, supporting a service delivery network that expands the contribution  of SMEs in the national economy.They devise and implement development support programs  and schemes for the SMEs by guiding them steps by steps throughout their business journey.

Main roles and functions 

- Advisory and support

- Training to enhance knowledge, skills and managerial capabilities

- Networking opportunities aimed at developing inter- SME linkages 

- Schemes focussing on internal capability improvement

- Incubation and co-working infrastructure 

- Creating and conducting awareness campaigns on entrepreneurship

- Providing common facilities and thematic laboratories

- Research regarding SME matters and the SME eco-system

- Organising SME fairs and marketing events 

- Coordination of stakeholder initiatives related to SMEs 


The Government of Mauritius provides institutional support and incentives to SMEs through many institutions by setting up schemes and faculties to boost the SME sector. This sector has shown rapid growth up to now and is still showing enormous prospects for growth in Mauritius. The SMEs does not only come with young unemployed  with no tertiary education background but also from the fresh graduates with new start ups in technologically advanced fields.

The Government of Mauritius implemented the SME Employment Scheme to facilitate the recruitment of young graduates and at the same time supporting the SMEs in this difficult period, with the break up of the Covid-19. Unquestionably, this is a key measure to allow unemployed graduates to have their first work experience through internships in SMEs. This enables the graduates to move on to better employment opportunities with the knowledge and experience gained during the program. Simultaneously, the SME Employment Scheme allows SMEs to keep their heads above water during this economic crisis condition. 


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